Lutalyse® (dinoprost)

Active ingredient


Drug description

This is a prostaglandin.

Available form

This product is available in injectable liquid.


In domestic animals, lutalyse® is used to destroy the ovarian corpus luteum in case of pyometra (infection in the uterus) and to cause an abortion.


Unless you abortion is the goal, this molecule should not be used in pregnant animals.

It should also not be used during bronchi-constricting respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma).

It should be used with caution in animals over 8 years of age and in those with cardiopulmonary, renal or hepatic diseases.

Side effects

Abdominal pain, vomiting, defecation, urination, dilated pupils followed by contraction, increased heart rate, agitation and anxiety, fever, hyper salivation, respiratory distress and panting.

Cats can vocalize and groom themselves intensely.

Recommended monitoring

Watch out for side effects.

Drug interactions

Lutalyse® can interact with other medications that cause the uterus to contract.


Keep at room temperature.