Drug description

Beta-adrenergic blocker

Available forms

This drug is available in tablets, oral suspension and chews.


Used in animals with an increased heart rate and an irregular rhythm.

Also used during high blood pressure and to treat cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart muscle is thickened).


Use with caution in animals with heart conditions that are treated or not.  

Use also with caution in pets with lung disease.

Side effects

The most common effects are cardiac de-compensation, decreased heartbeat, lethargy, depression, lack of appetite, low blood sugar (may be masked by the medication), and decreased blood pressure.

Recommended monitoring

Cardiac monitoring (auscultation) by a veterinarian.

Drug interactions

Atenolol can interact with anesthetics, calcium channel blockers, clonidine, furosemide, phenothiazines, reserpine and sympathomimetics.


Store at room temperature in a container away from light and moisture.


Always adhere to the full dosage of the drug. 

Consult a veterinarian as soon as a side effect appears.

Active ingredient