Drug description

Lidocaine inhibits nerve conduction by blocking the sodium channel.

Available forms

This product is available as an injectable solution.


This product is commonly used as a local anesthetic and for the treatment of ventricular arrhythmia. 

Also used to control pain in some cases.


Please discuss with a veterinarian or consult the product monograph to get information on contraindications associated with the use of this product.

Side effects

In high doses, effects on the central nervous system may occur (tremors, spasms and convulsions) as well as vomiting.

The product may cause cardiac arrhythmias, but the effect is greater when the heart tissue is abnormal.

Intravenous administration in cats may result in death. Under anesthesia, cats can suffer from cardiorespiratory depression following the administration of lidocaine.

Recommended monitoring

Monitor the appearance of signs of neurotoxicity (depression, muscle spasms and convulsions) and arrythmias.


Store at room temperature, protected from light.

Active ingredient