Drug description

This is a calcium channel blocker.

Forms available



Amlodipine is often used to treat hypertension in cats. 

It can be used in dogs with chronic renal failure to lower blood pressure.


This drug is not recommended in animals with heart problems or in shock caused by heart failure.

Please consult a veterinarian or the product's monography to get more information on contraindications.

Side effects

Cats can develop azotemia, lethargy, decreased blood potassium levels, increased heart rate and weight loss.

In the long run, dogs can suffer from gingival hyperplasia (proliferation of gums).

Recommended monitoring

Blood works and pressure monitoring are recommended.

Drug interactions

Do not give with diuretics, beta blockers, other vasodilators and blood pressure lowering agents.


Keep at room temperature and protected from light.


Do not stop the medication without your pet's veterinarian approval, nor skip a dose because hypertension can reappear quickly.

Active ingredient