Allerderm® Spot-ON

Reinforces the cutaneous barrier function.


Use on dogs and cats suffering from skin problems and cutaneous diseases.


Apply the contents of one pipette to the skin of the animal once a week for 4 weeks and then once a month for maintenance.


To open the pipette, hold it in the vertical position and turn the tip until it breaks. Then, part the fur of the animal between the shoulder blades to expose the skin. Place the pipette directly on the skin at one or two spots and press gently until the pipette is completely empty. For a medium or large bread dog, repeat the procedure along the length of the back until the pipette is completely empty.


To obtain optimal results, apply the product after a bath once the coat of the animal is completely dry.




Box of 6 pipettes of 2ml for cats and small dogs < 10kg. Box of 6 pipettes of 4ml for dogs >10kg.