Nolvadent Oral cleansing solution

Chlorhexidine solution of 0.1%

Pink liquid.

Storage: keep from freezing, store at room temperature of less than 49ºC, keep away from the light.

Nolvadent helps maintain your pet's daily oral health and  freshens breath. Chlorhexidine acetate is an antibacterial that kilss bacteria and helps remove pet's tooth and gum debris. Nolvadent is mint flavored which helps keep breath fresh.

Oral rinse: By firmly holding your pet's head, insert the bottle's tip into the corner of his mouth. Administer 2 to 4ml between the teeth and gums and massage the cheek for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes to activate the product. Do not rinse.


Apply Nolvadent as a oral rinse or with a toothbrush, once to twice a day.


236 ml bottle 

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