Enzadent® Oral Care Chews for cats

Treats for cats with an abrasive action on the teeth which helps to eliminate food residue before they combine with the bacteria in the mouth to form dental plaque. Also contains a source of chlorophyll which freshens the breath.


Used in between meals to help clean the teeth of stuck on particles of food in order to avoid the formation of dental plaque which, in hardening, becomes dental tarter and eventually leads to parodontal disease. Also used to help freshen breath.

Action mode

The abrasive action of the treats works like a toothbrush to mechanically remove stuck on food particles.


Should be used together with daily brushing using a toothbrush and toothpaste made for animals.


Should not replace the cat’s basic diet. The treats should never exceed more than 10% of his daily caloric needs. To avoid excessive weight gain, always take into account the number of Kcal provided by the treats in the calculation of his daily caloric needs in addition to the number of Kcal provided by his basic diet. Keep the bag out of the reach of children and animals to avoid the risk of suffocation.


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