D/D Skin/Food Sensitivities

Food made from a limited number of ingredients and a single source of different intact animal proteins to avoid common food allergens.

Highly digestible proteins that limit the amount of undigested protein in the gastrointestinal tract that can cause allergic reactions.

Formula offering different proteins from those usually found in animal foods.

Source of highly digestible carbohydrates from potatoes.

Antioxidants added to protect cells against free radicals, thus promoting a healthy immune system.


Indicated for dogs with inflammatory skin disorders, such as atopy (environmental allergies), flea allergy dermatitis and otitis externa, and for animals with adverse food reactions (food allergy or intolerance).


Not recommended for growing puppies, pregnant or lactating females, or dogs with too much fat in the blood, those with pancreatitis or who have had pancreatitis in the past.


Hill’s® Prescription Diet™



  • Potatoes and duck: 368 kcal / cup.
  • Potatoes and salmon: 357kcal / cup.
  • Potatoes and venison: 371 kcal / cup.


  • Potatoes and duck: 356 kcal / 13 oz.
  • Potatoes and salmon: 362 kcal / 13 oz.
  • Potato and venison: 404 kcal / 13 oz.


Potatoes and duck, potatoes and salmon, potatoes and venison.


Bags of 8.5 lbs, 17.6 lbs, and 27.5 lbs kibbles

13 oz. cans of pâté