Formulated from highly digestible hydrolyzed soya protein which is light in molecular weight. Their small size makes them undetectable by the immune system of the animal, thus preventing the appearance of an undesirable food reaction.

Contains a single source of carbohydrate.

Provides 23% of fat in the form of medium chain triglycerides which represent an easily digestible source of energy.


Indicated as a maintenance food for dogs suffering from a dermatitis or gastroenteritis associated with a food allergy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, inflammatory intestinal disease, intestinal disease with protein loss, lymphangiectasia (inflammation of the lymphatic vessels), an increase in blood fat levels, a pancreatitis, conditions causing the malabsorption of nutrients and hepatic encephalopathy (neurological symptoms caused by the circulation of toxins un-metabolized by the liver in the bloodstream).

Also indicated as an elimination trial food aimed at confirming or excluding a food allergy diagnosis.

Furthermore, the regular formula is indicated as a maintenance food for dogs who have already suffered from urinary urate stones.


PurinaMD Proplan Veterinary DietsMC


Regular formula: 311 kcal/cup.

Chicken flavor formula: 322 kcal/cup.


Soya and chicken flavor.


2.72 kg, 7.48 kg and 11.33 kg bags.

Texture: Kibble.