The low fat content helps to control caloric intake.

Elevated raw fiber content helps to reduce caloric intake and creates a sensation of satiety. This helps to reduce the nutritional intake as well as hunger in between meals.

Increased protein content promotes the sensation of satiety as well as an increase in metabolic activity.

The elevated protein/calorie ratio facilitates the loss of fat while minimizing the loss of lean muscle mass which occurs with weight loss.

The dry food contains a source of isoflavins which reduce the oxidative stress accompanied with excess weight and which helps to prevent the re-putting on of weight and accumulation of fat after weight loss.


Indicated to help obese dogs who may or may not have an increase of fat in the blood, who suffer from diabetes mellitus or certain types of colitis, to lose weight. Also indicated as a maintenance food for sterilized dogs.


Is not recommended dogs suffering from catabolic related conditions.


PurinaMD Proplan Veterinary DietsMC


Kibble: 266 kcal/cup

Cans: 253 kcal/13.3oz can


Kibble: Poultry

Pâté: Chicken


2.72 kg, 8.16 kg and 14.5 kg bags.

13.3oz cans.

Texture: Kibble and pâté.