DM Diabetes Management®

This food's high quality organic protein content satisfies the animal's essential nutritional need for amino acids while providing a substrate for the production of glucose. This permits a drastic reduction in the level of carbohydrates in the diet and stimulates the more regular release of glucose into the blood.

This food is also a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains a high lever of antioxidant which acts against free-radicals and reduces inflammation.


Indicated as a maintenance food for cats affected by sugar diabetes, chronic hyperglycemia, enteritis, diarrhea and hepatic lipidosis.

Also indicated to feed cats requiring intensive care.


Not recommended with cases of kidney disease and hepatic encephalopathy (neurological symptoms caused by the circulation of toxins not metabolized by the liver in the blood).

Marque: Purinaᴹᴰ Proplan Veterinary Dietsᴹᶜ


PurinaMD Proplan Veterinary DietsMC


Kibble: 592 Kcal/cup

Pâté: 191 Kcal/5.5 oz can

Savory Select® Stew: 171 kcal/ 5.5 oz can


Kibble: Poultry

Pâté: Liver and poultry

Savory Select®Formulas: Stew: Liver and chicken


2.72 kg and 4.54 kg bags

5.5oz cans.