28 Gauge sterile lancets AlphaTRAK®

Lancets used to prick the veins of cats and dogs in order to obtain a drop of blood. Compatible with AlphaTRAK® or AlphaTRAK 2® Blood Glucose Monitoring System.


Used with the AlphaTRAK® or AlphaTRAK 2® meter and test strips to measure the levels of blood glucose in cats and dogs suffering from diabetes.


Insert the test strip into the AlphaTRAK® or AlphaTRAK 2® meter port to turn the meter on. Be sure to select the correct species code. Use a sterile lancet to prick one of the veins of the animal. Touch the blood sample with one of the sides of the test strip. Wait for the results to appear on the display screen of the meter.


To facilitate blood collection, use the marginal ear vein or the skin of the paw pad. In dogs only, it is possible to prick the inner or outer lip to obtain a sample of blood.


For safety, remove the protective cap of the lancet needle cautiously before taking a blood sample and be sure to put it back on afterwards. Dispose of it with care. Do not use the test strips past the expiry date indicated on the box. Do not use the test strips or lancets if the safety seal of their respective boxes is damaged or missing. Do not use the lancet if protective cover is damaged or missing. The AlphaTRAK 2® test strips should only be used with AlphaTRAK 2® meter. In case of accidental pricking, follow normal first aid procedures. Consult a healthcare professional if bleeding persists.





Box of 100 lancets.