C.E.T.® VeggieDent® Tartar Control Chews

Chewing strips with a mechanical abrasive action on dogs' teeth.

They are approved by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council), an independant organization that tests and confirms or not the cleaning effect of dental pet foods and treats.


Used in small and medium breed dogs to help control the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar and to freschen breath.

Destined for intermittent use or as a nutritional supplement.


Offer one chew per day following a meal or as recommended by a veterinarian.


For optimum results, the use of chews should be accompanied by regular daily brushing.


The chews are not beneficial to oral hygiene unless they are properly chewed.

A risk of gastrointestinal obstruction and/or reduction in the efficiency may occur if the animal swallows the product whole, without chewing it.

For veterinary use only.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Wash hands well after handling the product.

Consult the product insert for more ample information.




15 strips bags: 3 kcal/g

30 strips bags: 3.4 kcal/g


15 strips (8 g per strip) bags for very small dogs

30 strips (25 g per strip) bags for small dogs

30 strips (35 g per strip) bags for medium size dogs