Soft and Chewy Training Treats® for dogs

Dog treats made with all natural ingredients and real chicken as a source of protein. T

hey can be used as a training tool or as a reward.

Does not contain corn or artificial flavors.

Naturally preserved.

Made in the United States.


Use with dogs to complement their regular diet during training or as a reward.


Give the following number of treats based on the dog’s weight:

5 lbs (2.3 kg) = 7 treats

10 lbs (4.5 kg) = 12 treats

20 lbs (9.1 kg )= 20 treats

40 lbs (18 kg) = 33 treats

60 lbs (27 kg) = 44 treats

80 lbs (36 kg) = 55 treats

100 lbs (45 kg) = 65 treats


Offer to puppies 9 weeks old or older, to adult dogs and to mature dogs that are physically active


Use within 3 weeks after opening to maintain freshness.

Keep package out of reach of children and other pets to avoid choking hazard.

Treats should not be used as a meal replacement. Nor should they exceed more than 10% the dog's daily energy requirements.

To avoid excessive weight gain, the number of Kcal supplied by the treats should be considered in addition to the Kcal supplied by the regular diet when calculating the daily caloric requirements.   


Hill’s® Science Diet®


3 kcal per treat (1 g per treat)




Packages of 3 oz (85 g)