Freeze-dried treats for dogs ,made in the USA, easily digestible, without grains, rich in proteins and low in calories. No preservatives added.


Because of their breakable texture, these treats are useful as a training aid for dogs or as a healthy treat. 

Their low caloric content makes them particularly attractive for overweight dogs, diabetics and those with restricted diets.

Useful also during conditions associated with difficulties in digestion.


Treat: Give a whole piece;

Training: Break into smaller pieces to give to your dog;

As an appetite stimulant in difficult dogs: Break into smaller pieces and mix with regular food.


Not to be used as a meal replacement. The amount of treats given should not exceed more than 10% of the daily caloric intake.

To avoid excessive weight gain, the number of Kcal supplied by the treats should be considered in addition to the Kcal supplied by the regular diet when calculating the daily caloric requirements.


Pure Treats® inc.


Per treat (approximately):

  • Beef liver: 5 kcal
  • Duck liver: 3 kcal
  • Cheddar: 15 kcal
  • Beef liver and cheese: 10 kcal
  • White fish: 5 kcal
  • Chicken breast: 3 kcal
  • Turkey: 5 kcal
  • Lamb liver: 7 kcal
  • Salmon: 8 kcal


  • Beef liver
  • Duck liver
  • Cheddar
  • Beef liver and cheese
  • White fish
  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey
  • Lamb liver
  • Salmon


  • Chicken: 40g, 85g, 175g, 330g and 794g bags
  • Beef and cheese: 120g and 250g bags
  • Lamb: 45g and 95g bags
  • Chicken: 57g, 120g and 250g bags
  • Turkey: 33g and 70g bags
  • Beef: 57g, 120g, 250g, 470g and 1248g bags
  • Duck: 35g and 74g bags
  • White fish: 24g, 50g, 105g and 198g bags
  • Salmon: 33g and 70g bags