Nail caps Soft Paws® for cats

Plastic nail covers made in the USA designed to be glued over the natural claws of cats in order to prevent scratches and damage to household objects such as floors, walls, furniture, curtains, etc.

The glue that is used to hold them in place is of medical origin and therefore non-toxic and produces no heat that may bother the animal. It is approved by the EU SGS Environmental Protection.

Each box contains:

40 nail covers;

2 tubes of glue

6 applicator tips.


Used to prevent scratches and damage to household objects which can be caused by the natural claws of cats.


  1. The claws of the animal must be cut as short as possible while taking care not to cut the vein or nerve present at the base;
  2. Place the applicator tip onto the glue bottle. Apply a pressure to ensure that it remains solidly in place;
  3. Fill one third of the nail cap with glue;
  4. Apply the nail caps to your pet’s claws. Ensure that the base of the nail caps are in contact with the skin at the base of the natural claw;
  5. Watch your pet for a few minutes following the application to give the glue time to dry completely.


The nail caps will move and fall on their own after a certain time, with the growth of the cat’s real nails. They last for about 1 month (variable depending on the animal). They must be replaced at this time.


Soft Paws®


Small: for cats weighing between 6 and 8 lbs (2.7 -3.6 kg);

medium: for cats weighing between 9 and 13 lbs (4-6 kg);

large: for cats weighing more than 14 lbs (6.4 kg).

Text created in January 2019