PYOClean® Purifying Wipes

Soap-free, alcohol-free, purifying and hydrating cleaning wipes for cats and dogs. They contain PhytoC-2®, a natural antimicrobial complex and are designed to help treat localized skin infections.

Thanks to their practical size and strength, they are easy to use, even in zones that are not easily accessible like interdigital spaces, skin folds in the face, corkscrew tails and around the vulva.



Used on cats and dogs to clean, purify, hydrate and help to treat the zones of infected skin, especially those that are difficult to reach such as the interdigital spaces and the skin folds around the face, corkscrew tails and the vulva. Also used to clean areas of feline acne.


Use once or several times a day or as directed by a veterinarian.



Remove the wipe from the sachet by lifting the right hand side of the label on the top.


Dispose of wipe after each use. To maintain the effectiveness and freshness of the product, reseal the packet after each use.


Dermoscent® Animal Dermo-Care