Essentialcare® for senior cats

Provides a source of high quality biological protein which promotes the maintenance of solid muscle.

Contains natural fiber, which helps to reduce the formation of hair balls and helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Contains taurine which promotes a healthy heart and eyes.

Contains essential antioxidants which promote the development of the immune system.

Added calcium and phosphorus in the food promote the healthy development of teeth and bones.

Contains omega-6 fatty acids, with linoleic acid which promotes a healthy coat and skin.   


Indicated as a maintenance diet for elderly cats.


Not recommended during development, gestation or lactation.


PurinaMD Proplan Veterinary DietsMC


Kibble: 499 kcal/cup

Pâté : 99 kcal/3oz canne


Kibble: Turkey

Pâté: Salmon


1.6kg bags of kibble.

3oz cans

Texture: Kibble and pâté.