Uri-Clean is an alcool based liquid that eliminates animal urine, stools and vomit odours.

Made in Quebec, Uri-Clean doesn't just mask odours, it neutralizes them at first contact. It leaves a pleasant citrus smell.

It's alcool base offers many advantages:

  • it doesn't make wood swell;
  • it doesn't create a favorable environment for mold to grow;
  • it dries very quickly;
  • it doesn't stain fabrics.

Consequently, Uri-Clean can be used on every surface in contact with urine, stools and vomit (carpets, mattresses, concrete, sofas, between the slatts of hard-wood floors, ceramic grout, etc.


This product is used to eliminate animal urine, stools and vomit odours.

It is efficient in neutralizing stubburn incrusted smells of months to years duration.


For carpets, linens, concrete and clothes:

  • Spray Uri-Clean on the source of smell;
  • Let it work for 20 minutes;
  • Clean clothes and linen with conventional detergent.

For mattresses, sofas, car seats, thick carpets and cussions:

  • With a syringe, inject 5 ml of Uri-Clean inside the object by drawing concentric circles around the soiled area;
  • Start outside and then go towards the inside of the circles. This will separate the soiled area from the clean area;
  • Leave about an inch in between the circles;
  • Spray Uri-Clean on top of the treated area and let it work.

For hard-wood and ceramic floors:

  • Pour Uri-Clean on the cracks that separate the slatts or on the ceramic grout where the source of the odour is;
  • Wipe out the excess product on the surface with un dry and clean piece of cloth;
  • Let the product work.

For leather and leatherette surfaces:

  • Start by spraying a little bit of Uri-Clean on a spot that is not visible to make sure that the product will not discolor it;
  • Spray a little bit of Uri-Clean on a clean and dry piece of cloth and then rub gently on the leather or leatherette;
  • Wipe out the product with another piece of dry and clean cloth.
  • If the odour has penetrated deep into the object, inject 5 ml of Uri-Clean with a syringe in the seams so as not to damage the fabric.


Uri-Clean can irritate the skin, the eyes and the airways. Avoid inhaling and swallowing it. Use in a well ventilated area.

Avoid also any contact with the skin and clothes. Wear gloves while using the product.

It produces toxic fumes when mixed with other products. Therefore, do not use it with other household products.

Keep away from children and animals.

Uri-Clean is flammable. Keep it far from flames and from any object that causes sparks, such as an electric motor. Do not smoke while using it.

Do not spray on animals.


SOS Odeurs®


250 ml bottles.