Emmanuelle Audet, AHT Student

Emmanuelle started to study in 2016 at Cégep of St-Hyacinthe to become an animal health technician. She works at Hôpital Vétérinaire du Richelieu Inc. since the beginning of her academic training.

Until she gets her degree in 2019 and is duly authorized to do delegated veterinary acts, Emmanuelle lends her support to her colleagues by helping them with animal restraint, customer service, surgical instrument and kit preparations and data entry in the record keeping software.

She likes all facets of her work because they allow her to familiarize herself with the daily workings of a veterinary establishment, a definitive advantage for her future trade.

Emmanuelle shares her life with two domestic cat named Riviera and Bleuet.


Geneviève Paquet, veterinary assistant

Before being hired as a veterinary assistant by Hôpital Vétérinaire du Richelieu Inc. in august 2017, Geneviève occupied this position in other veterinary establishments, one of which was the DMV Center South in Saint-Hubert in 2012.

Among the tasks that she has to execute, there is customer service, data entry in the record keeping software, preparation and sterilization of surgical instruments and surgical kits, initiation of lab tests, animal restraint, etc.

She has a keen interest in emergency care and surgery, especially cesarean sections, amputations, enucleations, exploratory laparatomies, cystotomies, etc.

At home, Geneviève houses three domestic cats named Foufoune, Boobie and Peacock. She also has a Labernese dog named Spike.

Audrey-Anne Maranda, veterinary medicine student

Audrey-Anne will become a veterinarian when she graduates from the University of Montreal in 2021. During her studies, she works part-time for MONVET Veterinary Group Inc., at Hôpital vétérinaire du Richelieu inc., since May 2019.

Her current duties include assisting veterinarians with animal restraint and anesthesia, treatment, blood sampling, x-ray and customer service.

Audrey-Anne has a particular interest in anesthesia and pain control in animals as well as in medical imaging (x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.).

Her companion animal is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever dog named Nova.