Purchase department and communications

Christine Blain, AHT and purchasing and communications administrative assistant

Christine was hired by Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. in 2001 after studying to become an animal health technician.

Although she has not completed her academic training, the acquired rights clause awarded by the Quebec Veterinary Medical Association to the support staff having worked in a veterinary establishment during the five years before 2007 allows her to do veterinary delegated acts.

In 2016, Christine earned the position of purchasing and communications administrative assistant of the MONVET Veterinary Group Inc. Her new duties consist of transmitting communications to the numerous employees of the Group, of interacting with food and pharmaceutical companies' representatives, reporting and managing adverse reactions to medications and vaccines, updating social media, managing orders, etc.

Having always loved to share her know-how and leading teams, Christine's new position fits her perfectly well because it allows her to ensure the good inner workings of the company and to contribute to the continued improvement of the staff.

Christine owns 4 cats: two Siamese named Claire and Suzie, one domestic cat named Clément and one Maine Coon breed cat named Victor.