Animal Health technician

Julie , AHT

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Kayla , AHT


Kayla started her Animal Health Technology studies at Vanier College in september 2016 and graduated in june 2019. She has been working with the team at Clinic Veterinaire Riviere des Prairie since June 2019. She has a sassy American Esquimo dog named Casper who keeps her and everyone he meets on their toes. She is currently at university and wants to start her veterinary medicine soon.



Sabrina ,AHT

Sabrina began her Animal Health studies in september 2018 at Vanier College and graduated in June 2021. That same year, she interned at the group MonVet and later joined the animal technician team in November 2021. She is caring, patient, and compassionate towards any and all animals. Sabrina has a domestic cat named Smokey. Sabrina works in several clinics within the group, you could also meet her at the Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est, as well as at the Clinique Vétérinaire de Saint Jean-Baptiste.


Dalia ,AHT


Dalia began her animal health technology at Cegep Vanier in 2018. She was taken on the team at the Clinique Vétérinaire de Rivirere-des-Prairies for her end-of-technical internship in March 2021 and will graduate in June 2021. After her internships, Dalia was hired full-time at the clinic. With her gentleness and her love of animals, she can remedy any situation for the good of your loved ones.


India, AHT Student

India started her Animal Health Technology studies at Vanier College in 2019 and applied for a position at the Veterinary Clinic of RDP that same summer.

She has been part of the team for a little over 3 years now and enjoys making patients feel comfortable upon their vet visits.

She has a 9 year old Malshi (Maltese X Shih-Tzu) named Loukie, who always keeps her on her toes and yes she only has 3 legs! We are both warriors against medical issues and will be pleased to welcome you upon your visit to our clinic!”

Rébéka, AHT Student


Lisa has been working with the group since December 2019 and she began her animal health technology at the Cégep de Sainte-Hyacinthe in September 2020. Despite her dedication to her technique, as soon as she has a little free time, she is present at the clinical. She has a great passion for dogs with special needs and will know how to love them regardless of their character.