Animal Health Technicians

Amélie, AHT

Valérie, AHT

Valérie started working at Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. in 2007 during her studies as an animal health technician which she completed in 2009 at Lionel-Groulx College.

Her knowledge, her keen work ethics and her devotion to animals earned her the position of one of our chief animal health technicians. Consequently, Valérie's responsibilities, during her work shift, are to see to the smooth functioning of the hospital and to supervise students and veterinary specialized auxiliaries.

Valérie is one of the founders and in charge of the HVE Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to have homeless animals adopted. She has a keen interest for exotic animals and for canine sports activities like agility, « Free Style » and Cani-Cross.

Her furry life companions are three dogs named Judy, Mani and Colby, a Chinchilla named Marcus and a degu named Clara.

Annie AHT

Annie became an animal health technician in 2009 after she completing her training at Lionel-Groulx College. She is also certified ENTSA (Animal Health Technician national examination) from ATSAQ (Quebec Animal Health Technicians Association).

During the years that followed her graduation, Annie worked in different veterinary establishments and finally integrated the team of Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. in 2015.

Her main responsibilities include teethcleanings and preparing patients for surgeries, inducing and maintaining anesthesia during surgeries, and watching over the animals after their surgery. All of this under the close supervision of veterinarians. These tasks are made for Annie because they appeal to her liking of surgery and veterinary assistance.

She shares her daily life with three dogs, one Yorkshire breed dog named Lucky, one Chihuahua named Poncho and one border collie named Ace. 

Catherine,, AHT

Karen, AHT

Karen was hired by Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. in 2014 right after she obtained her diploma as an animal health technician from Lionel-Groulx College.

On the floor, Karen is affected to the surgery department where, under the supervision of veterinarians, she gets the animals ready for surgeries, she induces and maintains anesthesia during surgeries and watches over the animals as they wake up once their surgeries are over.

Besides that, Karen assists veterinarians and ensures customer service. Karen likes her position immensely because amongst all her responsibilities, assisting with the surgeries is what she likes best.

Two domestic cats, Rico and Valek, and a cockatiel named Piolin share Karen's life.

Tanya, AHT

Tanya studied to become an animal health technician at Vanier College where she received her diploma in 2011. That year, she joined the team of Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc.

As soon as she was hired, she started working in the surgery department and, over time, earned the position of chief of the department.

Under veterinary supervision, Tanya has to oversee the anesthesia of animals before, during and after their surgery, manage the other animal health technicians, the specialized veterinary auxiliaries and the veterinary assistants affected to the surgery department as well.

Besides surgery, Tanya is very much interested in dentistry, behaviour, radiology and orthopedics. Moreover, she received the « PennHip » certification during the winter of 2017. The « PennHip » technique being recognized worldwide as the best radiographic method to diagnose hip dysplasia in dogs.

Tanya lives with many animals, two of which are German Sheperd dogs named Patch and Nana, and two cats named Onyx and Nero. Before he passed away in july 2016, she also shared her life with another German Sheperd and great friend named Ceasar, to whom she had to say goodbye to with great regret. 

Natasha , AHT

Natasha joined the team of Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. in 2002, that is two years after she graduated from Vanier College. That makes her one of the deans of our animal health technicians.

Her responsibilities include, amongst others, drawing blood on animals, administering medications to them, executing laboratory tests, taking X-rays, assisting veterinarians and offering customer service to clients.

Natasha shares her life with a cat named Leo.

Marie-Noël, AHT

Immediately after completing her studies as an animal health technician and receiving her diploma from Laflèche College in 2007, Marie-Noël was hired by Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc.

Her main responsibilities in our establishment is to administer treatments to animals that are hospitalized. This position suits her perfectly because it allows her to be in close contact with the animals whom she adores, particularly cats. She happens to live with two representatives of this species, that is two Siamese cats named Mushu and Abby.

Mélanie, AHT

Melanie has been obsessed with animals since a young age. So it was natural for her to follow an animal health career path. In June 2021, she graduated from Vanier College with the title of Animal Health Technician. Soon after her graduation, she was invited to join the HVE team. Melanie enjoys helping out clients and is capable of assisting them in English, French, Italian, and even in Spanish. Outside of her workplace, she is the proud mother of her terrier mix named Waffle and her boxer mix named Molly.

Sabrina, AHT

Sabrina began her Animal Health studies in september 2018 at Vanier College and graduated in June 2021. That same year, she interned at the group MonVet and later joined the animal technician team in November 2021. She is caring, patient, and compassionate towards any and all animals. Sabrina has a domestic cat named Smokey. Sabrina works in several clinics within the group, you could also meet her at the Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est, as well as at the Clinique Vétérinaire de Saint Jean-Baptiste.

Myriam, AHT

Myriam has been working at Hôpital vétérinaire de l'Est inc., as an assistant animal health technicien, since 2016, that is a few months after she started to study to become an animal health technician at Lionel-Groulx College.

When she received her diploma in 2018, she became autorized to do delegated veterinary acts such as take X-rays and blood samples, administer medications to animals under our care, do customer service, assisting veterinarians, etc. 

Being of a curious nature, Myriam likes all facets of her work.

Myriam lives with a ferret named Roxy.

Melissa, AHT

Melissa graduated from Vanier College in Animal Health Techniques in 2013. Subsequently, she worked in various veterinary facilities before being hired by Groupe vétérinaire MONVET inc. in November 2018.

She works exclusively at Hôpital vétérinaire de l’Est inc. Her duties include taking animal samples, performing laboratory tests, treating animals, assisting veterinarians during surgeries, serving clients, and so on.

Melissa enjoys helping veterinarians, especially during surgeries. She also loves the close contact she has with animals when she gives them care.

Melissa owns several animals. She has two dogs: a pug named Athena and a flat-coated retriever named Lucky. She also lives with three domestic cats named Fidget, Snowflake and Meowington. Finally, she has a parakeet named Krispie.

Alexe, AHT

Alexe graduated from cegep Lionel-Groulx in 2017 in animal health techniques and is currently studying (2019) in biological sciences at the University of Montreal.

Alexe was hired by Groupe vétérinaire MONVET inc. in October 2018. During her shifts, she assists veterinarians with animal restraint, treatment, laboratory testing, surgeries, specimen collection, customer service, and more.

Of all her tasks, the one that she likes the most is surgery.

She lives with a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog named Gus, two Chihuahuas named Yoshi and Chichi, and two crossed Himalayan cats: Buddha and Cat.

Jade, AHT